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By Joseph GreenMashable Deals2019-08-09 08:42:56 UTC

TL;DR: FIFA 20 (PC) for just £24.99 on GAME, after saving £15 from Quidco via cashback.  
You probably know this already, but the release date for FIFA 20 is Sept. 27. It's one of the biggest days in the calendar, and one that a lot of you will probably be relishing.
Knowing the release date is one thing, but that doesn't make it come around any sooner, and late September feels like an eternity away. There's only one thing you can do to make the wait more bearable, and that's to pre-order a copy.

Pre-orders of FIFA 20 are now available from a number of retailers. There are deals across the board, but Quidco and GAME are offering the best. If you sign up to Quidco and visit the GAME store to pre-order FIFA 20, you'll receive £15 cashback when your purchase is confirmed, through PayPal, bank transfer, or as gift vouchers.
This means you can pre-order a PC version of the game for just £24.99 after cashback. Prices for PS4 and Xbox One versions start at £49.99, so the Quidco promotion would take the price down to £34.99. It's as simple as that.
Get the best FIFA 20 pre-order deal with Quidco and GAME.

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