Ustwo confirms there will be a ‘Monument Valley 3’

It's been five since the original iOS game Monument Valley entranced players with its surreal landscape and clever mix of 2D and 3D elements. The game was featured in the third season of House of Cards, a fateful move that gained it widespread recognition. The 2017 , Monument Valley 2, was both well-received by critics and fans and outperformed the original in sales. So while a third game isn't a surprise given the success of series, it has some big shoes to fill.The game studio has also been busy with projects outside the isometric universe of Monument Valley. The developer released Lands End, a VR game, especially for 's Gear headset. Earlier this year, it announced Repair, a new game exclusively for Apple Arcade. If Monument Valley fans are still struggling with the wait for the new game, another surprise is in store. Paramount Pictures is working on a live- film version of the game, set to be directed by Patrick Osborne.

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